where we started

Complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord...

Philippians 2:2

In 2021,  many parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of Albany found themselves at a crossroad.  The National Episcopal Church's  vision for the future of Christ's Church was most unsettling to many folks. For the Rector and a majority of the parishioners of one of these churches, this vision was clearly incompatible with the Bible, the faith handed down from the Apostles, and the tenants of faith adopted in the first four Ecumenical Councils of the Church.  The Parish Community held together, though, in love praying that the National Church would not force this vision onto individual parishes.  Unfortunately, they did as the National Church forced our Diocesan Bishop to resign for following the Word of God and guarding the faith entrusted to him from the chosen 12.

So in September of 2021, the Holy Spirit led Father Matt Baker to resign from the Episcopal Church and plant a new church within the Anglican Diocese of the Living Word.  This Diocese is unique within the worldwide Anglican Communion in that it is a diocese without geographical boundaries.  Father Matt had little idea where to begin planting a church, but God did.  Two of his "former" parishioners, Lynn and Steve, soon joined him in prayer and discernment.  Soon thereafter, by God's grace another 30+ folks joined them.  But they still had no idea where to worship.  And then something remarkable happened.

The Sister's of Saint Mary's Convent in nearby Greenwich had also recently joined the Anglican Diocese of the Living Word.  One weekday in September after Father Matt had celebrated Mass for the Sisters, Mother Miriam stopped in the Sacristy.  "Father Matt", she said, "why don't you plant a church right here at the Convent."  This was divine intervention.  And so, on October 3rd, 2021 (just two weeks after leaving Saint Luke's), Holy Redeemer Anglican Church held it's very first Sunday Service...Thanks Be To God!

where we're going

He who began a good work in you, will bring it to completion...

Philippians 1:6

The answer is we're going where God leads us!  It's His Church, not ours.  We get to be part of the journey He has planned for us.  The first part of that journey was to learn to love each other.  This group cared for each other for sure, but we really needed to spend time in worship and community learning what it means to love one another, just as I have loved you as Jesus told His Disciples long ago.

And now...now this is where you come in.  It's time to spread the Gospel, to reach out into the world that Jesus might work through us for people everywhere to know Him.  What an incredible privilege!  And so we invite you to come and see for yourself God's work in progress, the people of Holy Redeemer Anglican Church.  Maybe, just maybe, He's calling you to be part of this community of faith.