Family dinners are more than a tradition.  They are found everywhere in the Bible!  Why?  Because sharing food and fellowship is a cornerstone in the building of relationships.   And our Lord Himself instituted a very special meal at the Last Supper, didn't He?

At Holy Redeemer, parishioners take turns hosting small dinners once a month to build our bonds of friendship in a safe place to let down our guards as we share our joys and our troubles.  We are all broken and in need of the true friendship that comes from Jesus and His Church Family.  Sometimes we even share a night out!

community GARDEN

There's something wonderful about eating fruits and vegetables grown by one's own efforts.  Cultivating the soil, planting the seeds, nurturing those plants as they grow helps us to appreciate God's beautiful earth and His provision for us.  Now imagine doing that very thing together within a Community of Faith.  That's exactly what we do at Holy Redeemer.  Anyone who wants a bed for plants gets one.  The fruit these beds provide feeds your family, the worshipping community and our local friends in need.  And we pray the very same Lord who provides this fruit for our bellies will also produce the fruit of His Kingdom through each of us working together.