Being a Disciple of Jesus Christ is a way of life...His way of life.   

To follow Jesus is a life of obedience and service.  In the power of His Spirit, we pray that we know Jesus a little more today than we did yesterday, that we trust Him more everyday.   To follow Him is to know His joy, His peace and His holiness in our lives.

This takes a commitment on our part.   We know Jesus will do his part!  Ours is to be diligent in worship, prayer, and study.  It's to forgive others knowing He forgives us,  to show mercy knowing His mercy, and to reach out to others in love, just, as the prayer book reminds us, Jesus once stretched out His arms of love on the hardwood of a cross that all might come within His saving embrace.    

daily prayer

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

It's been said that the primary mission of the Church is to pray.  Prayer is an important part of our lives and in the life of Holy Redeemer.  Our Lord himself prayed often in the Gospels.  As a matter of fact, He continues to pray for us even now and is joined by angels and saints and all the company of heaven who are rooting for us.

One of our parishioners, Lynn, sends out a daily prayer for Holy Redeemer via email.  She has often shared how surprised she has been at the ways this daily prayer has shaped her days and life.  

We would like you to join us in praying daily for whatever our Lord puts on Lynn's heart.  She also welcomes your prayer requests of course.

Please contact Holy Redeemer to be added to this growing prayer chain.

bible studies

Hearing the Word of God is one thing

Understanding it another

Living it yet another

Grow in faith and fellowship as together we look deeply into the Bible. Questions and viewpoints are encouraged within our lively discussion as we delve into different books of the Bible and even a bit of theology from time to time.  And for those who think they might be intimidated by others who have been studying God's Word for a while, fear not!       

Led weekly by Father Matt

        Wednesdays at 10:30AM and 6:30PM

        Morning: at St. Mary's Convent, 242 Cloister Way, Greenwich, NY

        Evening: Home Locations change so please check the calendar

anglican catechism

Paraphrasing To Be A Christian, the Anglican Catechism...

    The Anglican Catechism is a study designed to teach what it means to         be a Christian.  The study shows "students" what is essential for                   Christian faith and life.  It opens the door to knowing Jesus Christ and         the wonder of God's love through Him.  It shows us what it means to           be a citizen in God's Kingdom and fully involved in the life and mission         of Christ's Church.  And it helps anchor us in the reality of God's                   unquenchable joy, beginning in this life and ever increasing in the life to       come.

Catechism classes are part of the preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Anglican Church.  The study may also be taken for one's own edification.   Participants should be at least 14 years of age.

To find out more, please contact Father Matt